Kid Rock grew up just outside of Detroit, Mich. and is a huge fan of all of the state's professional sports teams. He can frequently be found at Detroit Pistons games and wears this tattoo of the Detroit Tigers logo on his right forearm. For many, the Old English 'D' is more than just a symbol of the state's professional baseball team, however. It's a symbol for the entire city. Kid Rock wears it as a badge of honor.

The rapper-turned-country singer has at least three other tattoos. There's the name "Paul" on his left bicep which honors a cousin who died. He has another on his left forearm that honors Joseph Calleja, better known as "Joe C," a band member of Kid Rock's who also died back in 2000. Most famously, though, is the large eagle that covers half of his back. The words "American Bada--" are inked above and below that design.