Covering a Kelly Clarkson song is not easy. The singer has a powerful voice (Note: understatement) and a wide range that pushes her already impressive stage presence over the edge, so she can be hard to compete with. But when 13-year-old Shelby Beth takes the stage to perform one of Clarkson's songs, you forget that it could be difficult.

This video is actually an audition for an all-star group, and after watching it, you'll know she made the cut. Shelby Beth quickly cracks a joke about the mic stand being too tall for her. She's clearly very comfortable on stage and works the audience as she sings. When the drum kicks in and she gets a brief introduction, she lets her voice fly for "Walk Away."

The teenager's voice is very strong for her age, and although she steps out of the spotlight to belt out the high notes, we can still hear all we need to hear. Before she even ends the beautifully-covered Clarkson song, the crowd is cheering and clapping.

According to her YouTube page, Shelby Beth is multi-talented. She's not just a singer but also a musician and actress who happens to cover songs by country artists (and beyond) on her page. Check out the full cover of "Walk Away" above.

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