Makayla Lynn is only 13, but she's already signed a praetorship with Taylor Guitars. This video shows you why. The clip finds the young singer trying out her new guitar, flawlessly covering Cam's "Burning House" — a song that is anything but easy.

In this cover, Lynn is playing what she calls her "dream guitar," a Taylor K26CE Koa. The video is raw and real and shows just how gorgeous Lynn's voice is, especially on such a tough song.

"I just unboxed it and decided to hit record while I tried it out," Lynn writes, speaking of the guitar. "Here is Cam's 'Burning House.' No mics or editing, just me in my backyard with mom's digital camera. Hope you like it!"

We certainly like the video — in fact, it gave us goosebumps. Lynn strums the chords of her new toy like it was meant for her hands while singing to the camera. She has aspirations of being a professional in the music business, and so far, she's been pretty successful. Lynn hails from Nova Scotia, Canada and has performed at festivals opening for some huge names.

Check out the clip above of the talented 13-year-old covering "Burning House."