Arianna Stewart is a teenager with a love of music. She's multi-talented and sings while playing guitar or the piano. In this cover, Stewart is trying to escape cleaning the house (per her mother's orders) by instead singing Carrie Underwood's newest single, "Smoke Break." The result is pretty great — much better than a clean hours.

"Today I was sitting and watching TV and I'm like, 'Mom I'm bored,' and she goes, 'Why don't you clean?'" Stewart explains in the video, which takes place in her bedroom. Instead of cleaning, she picked up her acoustic guitar and effortlessly sang the new Underwood track. She was excited to learn about the new song from the country star, so she knew it was the perfect choice for her latest cover.

Stewart does renditions of a variety of songs in different genres, as seen on her YouTube page, but after you watch this video, you'll agree her voice was made for country. The cover is beautiful in its simplicity, and her voice is effortless. Her excitement for the music also comes through while she's playing, as she smiles and acts a little silly.

Check out Stewart's Underwood cover about and check out some of her other videos on YouTube.