Kacey Musgraves' voice is nod to traditional country that is hard to imitate. But young Rebecca Crandell's cover of the singer's "Blowin' Smoke" is pretty spot on and very impressive.

Crandell doesn't sing the tune to a track or pre-recorded music. Instead, she takes her acoustic guitar in hand and strums the chords to the single herself. With her long hair in a side ponytail, she bobs her head as she plays. Then, she starts the vocals. She doesn't try to sound like Musgraves, but her traditional country influence is there. Still, Crandell brings a unique twist to the song. She knows her pitch range and doesn't try to step outside it, making the cover simply beautiful. She also smiles throughout her performance, showing that not only is she talented, but she also loves what she's doing.

Watch Crandell cover Musgraves' "Blowin' Smoke" above. Perhaps she'll have to try her hand at some of the new songs coming out soon — Musgraves' Pageant Material album is expected June 23.

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