When you're on vacation in Florida, it's almost impossible to avoid the karaoke machine. Tone-deaf vacationers grab the mic and ultimately make it difficult to finish your meal, but on occasion, there's a gem in the mix of bad music. That gem was this kid on this day.

After a brief introduction, Isaiah grabs the mic and confidently begins Luke Bryan's "Country Girl (Shake It for Me)." Dressed in his bright orange swim trunks, he sings the fast-paced song and doesn't miss a beat. It's not long before the crowd gets excited and begins clapping along. People cheer for the little boy as he excitedly works the crowd like a tiny pro

The song is roughly halfway over when he pulls out a signature Luke Bryan move. He grabs his black ball cap and turns it around backwards, a move that the superstar does a lot onstage. It's too bad the Georgia native wasn't in the restaurant, because he definitely would have been blown away, and maybe even joined Isaiah onstage. Not that the kid needed him ... apparently, he won enough people over to even sign autographs after he left the 'stage'!

Watch the kid-karaoke version of Bryan's "Country Girl" above.

Little Girl Steals Luke Bryan's Spotlight