Maddie and Tae are adorable enough when they sing "Girl in a Country Song," but this little girl just takes the cuteness to a whole new level. Can we suggest a trio? Judging by her enthusiasm, this is her favorite song, and she just can't contain herself when it comes on the radio in the car.

"Girl in a Country Song" is undeniably catchy, especially once that chorus hits. And this toddler feels the beat, too! She's sitting in her carseat, but she can't sit still. She starts moving her hands and her arms to the song, especially when she sings about being "red, red, red, red, red, red, redneck crazy." She's not just doing her adorable dance, she's also belting (ok, screaming) the lyrics to the song. It's especially cute when Maddie and Tae sing "crazy," and she goes adorably crazy.

This video is worth more than one watch! Then, click the button below to see even more adorable kids singing big country hits. There's no faster way to make your day bright.