Michael Ray is still a country newcomer, but his debut single "Kiss You in the Morning" has been a big hit, and it's catching on with a younger crowd — a much younger crowd. Ray's song is a mix of country and rock, and it's pretty fast-paced, so while this little girl's cover is too adorable for words, she sometimes has trouble keeping up (which only makes it cuter).

The sweet young girl is just so excited to hear Ray on the radio. She puts her arms up in the air and sways back and forth, her ponytail also moving to the music. She tries to keep up with the lyrics but can't remember the majority of them, until the chorus. That's her big moment.

When she sings about it "making her crazy," she does adorable crazy eyes and sings right along with Ray. She's got the "oh oh" and the "kiss you in the morning" down, and it's the sweetest :35 video you'll see today. Watch her cover above!