Like most country artists, Kip Moore is looking forward to some time off over the holidays. The ‘Dirt Road’ singer says he’ll be at the beach to do what he does (second) best: surf!

GAC reports that Moore will take a break from the surf on Christmas day, but otherwise he’ll be riding a board the rest of December. Previously he told Taste of Country Nights about the many places he stashes surf boards. There are two at Folly Beach, S.C., one in Hawaii and one in Costa Rica.

“A place called Playa Grande, right by Tamarindo,” he says, naming one of the country’s more popular tourist destinations.

Growing up, Moore looked forward to watching Christmas movies with his family. Dad would take them to the video store and they’d watch videos all night long on Christmas Eve. “That was always a thing that we’d look forward to was all hanging out together and laughing until three or four or five in the morning, then waking up two hours later for the presents," the singer recalls.

His father died a couple of years ago, so that tradition has ended. Maybe not forever, though -- the ACC Awards Breakthrough Artist of the Year says he looks forward to doing the same for his kids one day.

"I think all of the video stores will be gone by then, so I guess that’ll be a Netflix night, but hopefully I can do that kind of stuff," Moore says. Aw.

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