Newcomer Kip Moore has been making country music fans sit up and take notice with his latest single, 'Mary Was the Marrying Kind,' a song that will be included on his debut album slated for release later this year. The hit on the rise is a tune Moore co-wrote along with Dan Couch and Scott Stepakoff.

"Dan and I wrote most of the record together," Moore tells Taste of Country. "All three of us write together sometimes. I had that riff [of the song] going on. We probably wrote four or five different songs before we wrote the actual ‘Mary’ song around that riff. Every time we would start writing, we’d be like, ‘This isn’t it. That’s not it.’ We’d get a verse or two into it, and then we would start over."

"By the end of the day, we were about to leave, and I started talking about a girl," Moore continues. "I had randomly just gone home, and I ran into a girl that I hadn’t seen in probably five or six years since high school. In high school, nobody really paid attention to her because she was real tall and shy and meek and hadn’t grown into her confidence yet. She just kind of slipped through the cracks. I happened to bump into her at a party, and she was gorgeous, funny, charming and witty. Everybody at the party wanted to kick themselves for not noticing these things earlier."

"Mary was a blond-haired, blue-eyed girl next door with an angel face / I figured I could find her wild side so I took her on a couple of dates / She was sweet and smart / Had a queen size heart / Nothing like the other girls / She just laughed at my best line / 'Cause Mary was the marrying kind," they wrote in the song's lyrics.

"Of course [Dan and Scott] had similar stories of girls they’d run into, and that’s how the song started," notes Moore. "All the girls in the song … everybody’s had those girls in their hometowns. They match up with people in my hometown that I grew up with or in college and that kind of thing."

"Yeah Jenny was a kind you call up late for a date on Friday night / Didn’t matter how much I had to drink she come and give me a ride / Yeah Becky was a hell-raising dart-throwing girl that could match me beer for beer / Ally was a singer with stars in her eyes, and Mary was the marrying kind / Gretchen was a grad student working on her masters, a little too smart for me / Tammy was a teacher, her daddy was a preacher, evil as a girl could be / Yeah Megan was a millionaire senator's daughter, my collar was too damn blue / Miss Virginia sure was fine, but Mary was the marrying kind," they wrote in the song's opening lines.

"It was a true story," says Moore of the lyrics. "I think this is kind of how you are at a young age. We started talking about that and how you don’t look for special traits as you do when you get older. You just look at things different as a kid. I think anybody that’s lucky enough to live long enough, you miss out on something special because you weren’t paying attention. I think that’s just the way life works."

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