There may be several love songs on Kip Moore's upcoming sophomore album Wild Ones (Aug. 21), but the 35-year-old isn't worried about settling down any time soon. Sorry, ladies!

"That's a question that I get poked at often," Moore admits. The star is known as one of country music's hottest bachelors, and it's no secret that he'll go long stretches of being single. And he's totally fine with that — he likes it.

The Georgia native explains, "I feel like people truly deprive themselves of not spending alone time ... I enjoy that time by myself, and I discover who I am when I'm by myself. I take trips by myself, I go to movies by myself, I go to dinners. I've never needed someone to validate me."

The lyrics to "That's Alright With Me," Track 11 on Moore's new record, read, "And I might find the right one / And settle down in a little town / Or I might just stay wild and free / And that's alright with me." 

Moore shares that those who know him well, like his bandmates and close friends, understand that he's a "maniac" when it comes to his career.

"A lot of times, I feel like a relationship gets in my way of that, if I'm being honest," the singer says. "That part of my life will happen when it's supposed to. I'm never looking for it. I'm never trying to force it. And who knows? It might be tomorrow. It might be when I'm 45."

With his second album dropping Friday and a fall tour right around the corner, Moore certainly has plenty to focus on at the moment. Regarding Wild Ones, the singer admits that it was a more thought-out musical process than his first record, Up All Night. This one is, "more like a movie to me ... a different intensity ... a lot of haunting melodies."

"The reason that I call it Wild Ones, first of all, was just the nature of us as a band, feelin' like we're constantly going against the grain ...," Moore furthers. "We might not be ridin' the same train as everybody else."

If you go to one of this singer's concerts, "it is a wild show from start to finish, and that's what the fans have grown to expect."

Moore says he never stops writing, and most of the songs on Wild Ones came to fruition on the road. He would come up with guitar riffs and grooves during soundcheck, pen songs in his bunk on the bus ... you name it.

Asked to pick one song off the new record to introduce to a not-yet Kip Moore fan, the singer doesn't hesitate to pick "That Was Us." As he explains: "I just think it's such a window into everything that embodies who I am as an artist, a singer, a writer. It captures what I feel like I do best."

Wild Ones hits the streets on Friday, Aug. 21 — if you can catch it and tie it down, that is.

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