Kip Moore is known for being a favorite among women, and he probably gets that from his dad. Moore chatted with Taste of Country Nights host Sam Alex, and dished on how far his dad was willing to go to protect his mom.

If Moore is anything like his father, he is not afraid to fight (yes, literally) for what he loves — even if that includes a bottle over the head and 40 stitches! When asked what the wildest thing his parents had ever done was, Moore opened up about a rumble his dad got in to honor his wife.

“I remember my mom getting harassed in my little small home town … at a local car dealership by a man that owned the dealership and his two sons. They were big boys, and I can remember her coming home kinda crying a little bit and my dad trying to figure out what was wrong," he begins. "My dad was the coolest dude ever and he was like a wild, wild west kinda guy. Once he finally got it out of her what had happened, he left and I remember just being a little kid, being like 8, 9 years old, and he came back from wherever he went and his whole body — shirt, clothes, everything — was all blood."

Moore's dad must have filled him in on the bloody details later, because the singer didn't miss a beat in his explanation.

"He had a massive gash on the top of his head where he got hit with a beer bottle, and so basically he went down there, walked right into the dealership, punched the first dude he saw, punched the next dude, then got jumped and then got beat over the head with a beer bottle and had to get 40 stitches.”

Moore also took a moment to tell his own rather interesting story. After a long night (and early morning) of drinking, he heard his song in an unusual place.

“I remember going into a Ritz-Carlton — I don’t know why I was there, I don’t think I was staying there but I remember I’d had a lot to drink and I was using the bathroom," Moore says. "As I was using the bathroom at two in the morning, I heard ‘Hey Pretty Girl’ on the speakers above me.”

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