In addition to the music artists nominated for the 2011 ACM Awards, radio stations and their star personalities get a share of the pot of nominees, as well. Awards are given in all market sizes, and at the 46th Annual ACM Awards, 'American Country Countdown' host Kix Brooks is looking at the big win, National On-Air Personality of the Year.

Brooks is in good company, with Blair Garner, Big D and Bubba, Crook and Chase, Lon Helton and Shawn Parr also up for the coveted national award.

Unlike the red carpet music stars, the ACM Radio Awards are honored at a pre-awards reception and are not televised due to time constraints.

The nominees for the 2011 ACM Radio Awards are:

On-Air Personality of the Year - National
Kix Brooks – 'American Country Countdown with Kix Brooks'
Big D and Bubba – 'Big D and Bubba'
Crook and Chase – 'Crook and Chase Countdown'
Blair Garner – 'After MidNite with Blair Garner'
Lon Helton – CMT’s 'Country Countdown USA'
Shawn Parr – 'The Country’s Hot List'

On-Air Personality of the Year - Major Market
Cliff and Brooks on KSON (Cliff, Brooks and Tori) – KSON-FM San Diego, Calif.
Trish Biondo – WUSN-FM  Chicago, Ill.
Cornbread, Pat James, Annie Henson and Capt. Mac Douglas – WIL-FM St.  Louis, Mo.
Dr. Don, Rachael Hunter and Grunwald – WYCD-FM Detroit, Mich.
Edwards & Lee (Chuck Edwards & Linda Lee) – WYCD-FM Detroit, Mich.

On-Air Personality of the Year - Large Market
J.D. Cannon – WFMS-FM  Indianapolis, Ind.
Karen Scott & Radar – WMIL-FM  Milwaukee, Wisc.
Mike, Marty and Janie – WQDR-FM  Raleigh, N.C.
Jeff Roper and Angie Ward – WTQR-FM  Greensboro, N.C.
Chris Carr, Jason Statt and Maverick – WUBE FM  Cincinnati, Ohio

On-Air Personality of the Year - Medium Market
Brian Pierce & Kellie Michaels – KFDI-FM  Wichita, Kan.
Jack Ryan – WIVK-FM  Knoxville, Tenn.
Andy Ritchie, Alison Mencer and Jimmy Holt – WIVK-FM  Knoxville, Tenn.
Dan Brennan & Shelby Mitchell – WKSJ-FM Mobile, Tenn.
Scott Wynn & Sue Wilson (Wynn and Wilson in the Morning) – WQMX-FM  Akron, Ohio

On-Air Personality of the Year - Small Market
Bill Barrett, Tim Fox and Tracy Berry – KKNU-FM  Eugene, Ore.
Brian Gary, Todd Harding, and Susan Moore (The Good Morning Guys) – KUAD-FM Windsor, Colo.
Jimmy Lehn and Shelly Martinez – WCTY-FM  Norwich, Conn.
Mark Ericson and Karen Kiley – WOKQ-FM  Dover, N.H.
Dex and Mo – WUSY-FM  Chattanooga, Tenn.

Radio Station of the Year - Major Market
KEEY-FM St. Louis Park, Minn.
KNIX-FM Phoenix, Ariz.
WPOC-FM Baltimore, Md.
WSOC-FM Charlotte, N.C.
WYCD-FM Detroit, Mich.

Radio Station of the Year - Large Market
KCYY-FM – San Antonio, Texas
WFMS-FM – Indianapolis, Ind.
WGH-FM – Virginia Beach, Va.
WMIL-FM – Milwaukee, Wsic.
WSIX-FM – Nashville, Tenn.

Radio Station of the Year - Medium Market
WBBS FM – Syracuse, N.Y.
WIVK-FM – Knoxville, Tenn.
WKHK-FM – Richmond, Va.
WKMK-FM & WTHJ-FM – Neptune, N.J.
WYRK FM – Buffalo, N.Y.

Radio Station of the Year - Small Market
KCLR-FM – Columbia, Mo.
KCTR-FM – Billings, Mont.
KUAD-FM – Windsor, Colo.
WFRE-FM – Fredrick, Md.
WYCT-FM – Pensacola, Fla.