Kix Brooks thinks tomorrow's wedding between Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton ain't nothing but a big ol' "hoax." He's probably just bitter that he can't attend the nuptials, which he called the "redneck event of the year," because he has something more important to do: attend his son's graduation.

In a chat with KMPS, Brooks joked, "I can't go to the wedding because my son decided he had to graduate college this week ... I want to see Blake screaming like a little girl. It ain't gonna happen. They're gonna try. This is a hoax. This is a hoax."

Brooks even went as far as to call the nuptials a "conspiracy." Hey Kix, we get that you're bummed to be missing this matrimonial hoedown and all, but you don't have to go as far as saying it's fake. Sure, we know that Brooks was being facetious with his comments, but you never know who might get a hold of this information and upstream it to the tabloids, causing rumors to spread!

Actually, maybe it is a good thing if it would help convince the media to let one of country's finest couples enjoy their big day in peace. So if the wedding does indeed happen tomorrow and it isn't a hoax, we hope the ceremony goes off without a hitch.

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