Kristian Bush is Taste of Country’s newest guest writer. Each Monday in October, he’ll share the stories behind the songs he’s written and recorded for his new solo album, expected in 2015. His current single ‘Trailer Hitch‘ has entered the Top 40. Today, ToC readers can listen to and learn all about ‘American Dreamers.’

I am excited and humbled and overjoyed this week: My new song 'Trailer Hitch' has moved into the Top 40 at country radio, the zombie video we created has made it to CMT, and by the time you read this, I will have just played on 'The Today Show.' It is simply a dream come true.

My mom always told me that I could be anything I wanted to be and do anything I wanted to do, if I put my mind to it. I believed her -- maybe because she said it so often and repeated it so much -- or maybe I just wanted to believe that there were places outside of Sevierville, Tenn. As a child, I read so many stories of far-away places and far-away people in the encyclopedia, in magazines, saw them on TV or heard them on the radio ... I realize now that what I was discovering was the power of dreaming.

I believe that the power of dreaming, imagining something, holding it in your mind and then working to make it real has been fundamentally woven into our country from the beginning. I believe that we as Americans can build it, love it, cheer for it, make it fly. If it doesn’t work, we start over, get knocked down, get back up again and rise like a phoenix all by holding the dream in our hearts and minds.

This week's Music Monday is called 'American Dreamers,' and it is one of my most recent recordings.

I love this song. The power of dreaming made a Marilyn Monroe out of a Norma Jean -- made an Elvis Presley from a young boy in Tupelo, Miss. It made some of the world's biggest hits come from a small studio in Alabama. It’s the same dream that put a man on the moon. It is a powerful force. You can accomplish amazing results when you never, ever give up.

Listen to Kristian Bush, 'American Dreamers'

In many ways, this song is my story. I am an American Dreamer, and my dream is to play my music for as many people as will listen, to perform for them, to record for them and to hopefully help someone along in their day, one song at a time, the way songs have helped me since I was a little boy.

Dreaming things is what I do. It's why I look so happy every time I play. I simply can't believe the dream has come true.

This song was originally written by Bob DiPiero, Jon Nite and Jeff Cohen. They sent it to me and I re-wrote some of the verses and parts of the bridge and then recorded it. I couldn't be more proud to sing this song. This is the only recording I have of it right now.

So from now on, whenever you hear me sing or see me walk by ... if you come to a show ... or even if I get more chances to be on TV ... know that every step of my journey I am carrying a flag that says: DREAM BIG AND NEVER GIVE UP.

I have the word “Hope” tattooed on my left arm for a reason -- so that I will never lose it, and it will always be right there.

Thanks for listening.
Atlanta, GA

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