Kristian Bush is very excited for the holiday season. The singer-songwriter has an obsessive love for writing Christmas music, and he's happy to share his newest holiday song with fans. Bush stopped by the ToC Nights studio to chat about the song and even perform it for us!

It didn't take long in the studio for Bush to come right out and admit it. He's not just a fan of Christmas music — he's obsessed.  “I obsessively write Christmas songs,” he says — but at least there's a sweet reason behind it.

“There’s a point when you’re growing up, and especially when you’re a musician, where you’re dead broke, right? And that’s most of the time,” he says with a laugh. “But even in college, you know, when you don’t have enough money to buy presents for everyone in your family so you’ll make something. It’ll be the olive oil Christmas or I’ve done a lot of the hot chocolate Christmas ... It’s all you can afford, so for a long time I could get my friends to give me overnights at the studio, and I would record Christmas songs for my friends and family and just give them records. I started to write them as I started doing this and I became more and more obsessed with them.”

His newest Christmas song, "Thinking About Drinking for Christmas," is now out, and it's a tune he wrote last holiday season. Bush says the song is perfect for those family members you can't quite deal with around the holidays.

“Sometimes, during the holidays, it’s the only time you get to see some of your family that you don’t normally see, and you may or may not have the skill set in place to navigate those people.”

Get "Thinking About Drinking for Christmas" on iTunes.

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