Country newcomer Kristin Chenoweth tackles Carrie Underwood's 'Lessons Learned' -- from her 2005 album, 'Some Hearts' -- in a soulful new music video. Though she's not the 'Before He Cheats' hitmaker, Chenoweth delivers everything she has on the cover rendition.

Throughout the video, Chenoweth can be seen in many scenes. When she's not putting her all into the track in the studio, she's outside being a country gal. We get clips of her with horses, views of an old barn, a photo shoot, the Broadway star sitting in an old truck -- and even showing some skin.

Back in the recording studio, it's obvious that this actress/musician isn't ready to be chalked up as a passing train. She gives 'Lessons Learned' all of the power and conviction you'd expect from someone who really had to be taught a thing or two. Though Underwood vocalized this track originally, it was actually written by Diane Warren, who penned LeAnn Rimes' 'How Do I Live' and Trisha Yearwood's 'I'll Still Love You More,' among many others.

The low-budget 'Lessons Learned' video comes just a month after Chenoweth's ultra-cheesy 'I Want Somebody' video. If there's one thing she has going for her, it's that she knows not to waste any time when it comes to getting country music to country fans.

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