Listeners at US99 in Chicago got a treat recently when Kristin Chenoweth showed up flanked by two guitarists and played three songs from her upcoming 'Some Lessons Learned' album. The Broadway and television star played her current single 'I Want Somebody,' as well as a ballad called 'Fathers and Daughters' and a personality song called 'WWDD' (or 'What Would Dolly Do').

The singer toyed with fans and viewers during 'I Want Somebody,' giving the camera a playfully sultry look and luck of the lips before continuing with the lyrics. At the end of the song, she high-fived her guitarists like a baseball player trotting home after a home run. 'WWDD' was just as much fun. Fans struggled to hold in laughter as Chenoweth pondered how Dolly Parton would handle the situation she's found herself in. Parton is a fan of Chenoweth's work, telling Taste of Country she'd love to have the actress play her onstage one day.

No high fives followed the ballad, however. 'Fathers and Daughters' is tender tribute to dads across America. "I'm still that pink ballerina / Dancing in the kitchen / You hold out your hand / I go right back to the beginning," she sings. Of the three songs, this one gets the best response. Chenoweth's stage experience did her well as she acted out -- though she did not overact -- each of the three songs.

Watch Kristin Chenoweth Sing 'Fathers and Daughters'