Lady Antebellum had a life-changing surprise for a Nebraska couple before a recent concert in Omaha.

"They are a sweet couple from here in Omaha who have had a little bit of a hard time conceiving," Hillary Scott shares in the video above. "But they actually have two babies — miracle babies that are coming in October!"

Nicole and Bryan Vice are expecting twins, and Nicole — who follows Lady A on Facebook — saw that they were coming to town for a concert. She also saw that there was a sweepstakes. "So I thought, 'Why not?'" she says. "That's how we kinda got here."

At a press conference, the members of the group revealed that Nicole and Bryan had been chosen to receive a year of free mortgage payments via their 7FOR7 sweepstakes, for which they partnered with Quicken Loans. They presented the surprised parents-to-be with a check to cover one year's worth of house payments.

"We just wanted to tell you how inspired we are by your story," Scott told the couple as her bandmates presented the check. "By these sweet miracle babies, and we hope that this helps you buy them a bunch of diapers."

The blessing couldn't have come at a better time for the couple, who couldn't conceive naturally and had to undergo IVF. "Anyone that's had to go through that knows, not only is it a strain on you physically and emotionally, but it's very, very expensive," Bryan says. "It's a giant relief — we can't thank Lady A and Quicken Loans enough."

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