To be fair to Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott, her band doesn't have much time to watch primetime television. A blunder on her part at last year's American Music Awards turned into a joke on a recent episode of the hit television show 'Castle,' starring Nathan Fillion. Fillion had presented the Favorite Country Band, Duo or Group award to Scott and her bandmates at the show.

Back in February, Fillion told David Letterman about what happened as they were walking offstage. "They come up, they accept their award. They're very excited, I'm excited, I'm walking her of stage and she says [whispering], 'I have to tell you, I love your show.' I was thrilled. She says, 'I was so sorry it got canceled.' Well, I had a cancelled show that people really liked. It was very popular. I said, 'Oh, well thank you very much.' She says, 'I just loved "Arrested Development.""

Scott was embarrassed to find out Fillion was not 'Arrested Development' star Jason Bateman, but Fillion says it happens all the time.

The Boot made the connection between that Letterman clip and the new 'Castle' scene below that shows his character saying the resemblance got him out of a speeding ticket once.

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