Lady Antebellum's four-time Grammy-winning single, 'Need You Now,' was unquestionably successful, and likely because it's not only good, but it's easy to relate to. Lady A frontman Charles Kelley confesses that even his dear old dad has ties to the song.

"I guess we've all been there," Kelley admits. "I mean, when you have someone like my dad who I'm like, 'Don't tell me you relate to that.' He's like, 'I've been there before.' And that's kind of when you know, 'Wow, OK, I guess everyone's had that moment.'"

True, even parents were once normal people who experienced the feelings of lost love and drank their sorrows away -- but it's probably a bit weird for Kelley to know that his father sought comfort in the form of a bottle of whiskey.

Kelley and his bandmates, Dave Haywood and Hillary Scott, are currently in the studio working on a third Lady Antebellum album for Kelley Sr. -- and the rest of the world -- to enjoy. One month ago, Kelley reported that their forthcoming follow-up to 2010's 'Need You Now' was at its halfway mark.