Lady Antebellum's Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood have co-written a song called 'Kiss Me Slowly' with their pop-rock friend Will Anderson, frontman for the band Parachute. It will be on the upcoming Parachute album, 'The Way It Was,' which will be released on May 17.

Kelley and Haywood are actually part of the new video, too. They introduce it by saying, "What's going on, everybody? My name is Charles Kelley, I'm Dave Heywood and we are from Lady Antebellum and we wanna let you know about a new video and song. Yes, a song we wrote with Parachute called 'Kiss Me Slowly.' Hope you guys like it, and here's the video."

Anderson usually only writes with his bandmates but after a songwriting session with Kelley and Haywood, the pop rocker saved the tune for Parachute, saying, "We write together in general. Then one of the songs we wrote I liked so much, I just grabbed it. 'We're going to take that for our band.' It's fun to get to write with friends."

Anderson blogs, "We're incredibly excited to announce our new song and video for Kiss Me Slowly!!! This song came about when I got invited by my good friends Charles Kelly and Dave Haywood from Lady A to write a song together with hopes of getting it cut by a specific singer songwriter we had in mind. However, once the song was finished I liked it so much that I made them promise not to give it to anyone else. I took it to the band to see what they thought, and in the end we decided it was exactly what our record needed. The rest is history!"

'Kiss Me Slowly' is now available for purchase on iTunes. Congrats to the Lady A boys for getting a little slice of the pie as well!

Watch the Parachute 'Kiss Me Slowly' Video