'Just a Kiss' has quickly become a Lady Antebellum favorite among fans, because the fresh feeling of a new relationship is one that many people can relate to. The song carries itself in a true way -- likely because it's based off of real feelings. Charles Kelley tells CountryWeekly.com that the hit single was written right around the time that Hillary Scott started dating her now-fiance, Chris Tyrrell.

"Hillary obviously was in a great relationship at the time, because now she’s engaged and so she was kind of feeling those butterflies at the time we wrote the song," Kelley spills. Of course, both he and bandmate Dave Haywood love Tyrrell, but not just because they got a new hit song out of him. Kelley says he's a "great guy" and they heard the wedding bells before he popped the question.

"I knew [the engagement] was going to happen pretty soon," Kelley says. "They were getting pretty serious. Hillary’s one of those people who . . . she’s always been looking for that right person for a long time. She’s not one of those wild and crazy people. She’s a homebody and someone who I think has always been ready to find that person of her dreams and so I’m excited that it’s all happened."

'Just a Kiss' isn't only about Scott's beau, though. Kelley says that Lady A pulls their inspiration from all three of their life experiences. "I had a similar feeling, too, with my wife, Cassie, the first night we met," Kelley reveals. "I remembered being out the first night with Cassie and thinking, ‘This is different, and I don’t want to give any wrong impression. I don’t want to make the wrong move because this feels like something special.’ We started talking about that and going back and forth with different experiences when we wrote the song."

Just when we though the Grammy-winning trio couldn't get any better, 'Just a Kiss' dropped and hit No. 7 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart. It is acting as the lead single from the band's forthcoming album, 'Own the Night,' which hits stores on September 13 and will etch another knotch in Lady A's success story. "Life is good in our world right now," Kelley admits. "Everybody seems really happy and seems artistically fulfilled and personally fulfilled."

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