Lady Antebellum are scheduled to perform for KFC franchisees at a meeting in San Diego, Calif. on March 3, but the trio is being urged by Pretenders rocker (and PETA supporter) Chrissie Hynde to use their big voice to stand up for the rights of the chickens.

In a letter dated Feb. 22 and addressed to "Hillary, Dave, and Charles," Hynde states that she, along with PETA, "are hoping that you will use your unique position to appeal to the company" in order to push KFC to "eliminate its most cruel and archaic slaughter practices" of chickens. Hynde's full letter goes into graphic detail about the treatment of the KFC's chickens, which are later served in their restaurants, and outlines the simple changes that can be made by the company's heads to improve the quality of life for their fowl.

The Pretenders frontwoman encourages the 'Need You Now' group to use their influential standing in order to change KFC's practices -- a feat that has been pressing for some time.

Hynde, an active PETA supporter, closes her letter with a "yours truly" and one final question to Lady A: "Would you consider asking KFC executives to make a few changes to end the worst abuses of chickens? Let's talk more."