Today, all three members of Lady Antebellum sat down for live streaming chat with fans across the globe. Submitting questions through Lady A's official website, Facebook, Twitter, and LiveStream, their fans were able to ask the trio any questions they pleased. A lot of questions about touring, new music, and songwriting came up, but the most amusing parts of the chat by far were the jokes cracked about Dave Haywood's bachelor status.

One fan typed in asking if the vocal group has any video ideas for their brand-new single, 'Just a Kiss.' After explaining that they hadn't thought of any ideas (although they are planning to film a video "very soon"), Hillary Scott joked, "I think that Dave Haywood, the most eligible bachelor of Lady A, should have his first onscreen smooch." Haywood played along with her, saying, "Hillary, I've never kissed anyone. We don't want to do it for the first time [on camera]."

Later in the chat, a fan submitted a question asking if they could nominate Haywood for the next season of ABC's hit show 'The Bachelor.' Haywood noted, "I don't think helicopter dates are real life. If they want to do a real dating show, you need to just go cook dinner together and do laundry together. That's a date. Not a helicopter ride to Cabo."

Haywood was able to handle the heat, and even cracked some jokes of his own: He said the one song he wishes he'd written is Fergie's 'London Bridge,' called himself furry like a dog and accepted a marriage proposal to his beard. He also said fans won't hear any solos from him on Lady A's new album, but they can look forward to "some rapping."