Lady Antebellum’s ‘Freestyle’ mixes country-funk and gospel to create one of the more unique songs on the radio. The trio and Shane McAnally penned the uptempo earworm. Producer Nathan Chapman should be given credit for turning every car, office and living room into a dance floor.

Charles Kelley sings lead on ‘Freestyle,’ the second single from ’747.’ Each verse is just a long list of nostalgic references, but his infectious patter compels one to keep listening.

Hey there ain’t nothing wrong / Just making it up as we go along / Find a little rock and roll hallelujah / Throw your hands up high if the spirit moves ya babe / Singing hey, hey, hey / We can do it old school ABC style / Maybe we could go a little wild and freestyle,” Kelley sings with his bandmates backing him at the chorus.

‘Freestyle’ reveals itself as a true road trip song during the second verse. On paper, a few references seem out of place, but it all pulls together when you hear it. Perhaps it doesn’t matter if it makes sense, the song is just too fun to hate on!

Summer jam mixtape / Vodka in your Gatorade / Alright, alright, like McConaughey / White vinyl / Gypsy revival / Driving through the middle of the belt of the Bible / Hula girl grass skirt / Shaking on the dashboard / Where we’re going we don’t need no passport.

Lady A haven't released many uptempo songs as singles, although the mid-tempo ‘Bartender’ and ‘Downtown’ were certainly plenty fun. ‘Freestyle’ is a new extreme for the trio. They’re breaking new ground on their fifth studio album.

Why Fans Will Love It: Lady Antebellum may have never sounded so fresh. This funky song is a party from the very first note.

Key Lyrics: “Some of us like to watch and some like to dance / Though we all wake up with the same stamp on our hands / Counting stars and counting cars and just counting miles / Doing it freestyle”

Did You Know?: Haywood says writer Shane McAnally is responsible for the song's quirks. He tells Taste of Country Nights it was the songwriter who added things like the Matthew McConaughey lyric, "Alright, alright, like McConaunghey."

Listen to Lady Antebellum, ‘Freestyle’

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