Now that she's happily engaged, Lady Antebellum frontwoman Hillary Scott has to plan a wedding. But how does one of the most successful female artists in country music today make time to be a wedding planner while promoting a new album, touring and attending awards shows? Scott says that her fiance, Chris Tyrell, has taken over the bride's traditional role in order to keep her stress-free.

"[Chris] is actually talking to the planner more than I am right now, which I'm very very thankful," Scott told E! News on Thursday. "I'm a lucky girl."

Scott has had to adapt to some of Tyrell's interesting tastes, like his preference for a groom's cake. "We did ask him, 'What kind of groom's cake do you want?' and he goes, 'I really want a cheeseburger [cake],'" she said, though she didn't specify whether that means a cake that looks like a cheeseburger or an actual cake-sized cheeseburger.

Thankfully, the 'Need You Now' hitmaker has two other men in her life who jumped at the chance to help getting wedding details in order. For example, fellow lead Charles Kelley will act as the deejay, because it's a craft he perfected during his middle school years. "Tim McGraw's 'Don't Take the Girl' was always a tearjerker, brought everybody together," Kelley said. "And then when I needed them to rock a little bit, 'Baby Got Back.'"

Dave Haywood added, "Get them back up with 'YMCA.'"

Scott and Tyrell's wedding date has not yet been revealed, but the band has various engagements scheduled through the end of the year.