For being the most successful trio in country music right now, Lady Antebellum are surprisingly modest and humble. The group took fans backstage during a Walmart Soundcheck session, where they performed acoustic versions of 'Just a Kiss' and 'Need You Now,' but also spoke from the heart about the impact of music -- including their own new album, 'Own the Night,' which hit stores on September 13.

"Every part of life is beautiful, even the stuff that hurts," Hillary Scott explains, outlining the meaning behind their album title. The trio's shared philosophy is to live in the moment -- to own it -- even if the moment isn't great.

The multi award-winning group knows how to make a hit single, but the band assures that they're genuine and write from the heart, even when it's broken. "It's the easiest for us, for some reason, to write heartbreak songs," Charles Kelley spills. "I've heard that from a lot of writers."

Scott chimes in, "Well, I think when you're in love and really happy, there's something about the vulnerability -- which you need to be vulnerable to fall in love in the first place. But there's so much vulnerability that comes from being heartbroken and having those emotions of like, as much as I want to try and get out of this funk, I can't. I end up writing a lot more."

Lady A liken writing songs to writing in your journal, meaning that the lyrics come from a true place and a true experience. Dave Haywood admits that he's most inspired by people who relate to their songs for really serious reasons, like if they or someone they love is fighting a terminal illness. "It gives me chills to think about it," Haywood says.

Scott agrees that music can be really powerful, and is always wowed when a fan tells her, "This song healed our marriage." When thinking about her own experience with touching music, Scotty says, "I think about the songs that have really touched my life and helped me get over something, helped describe how how I felt better than I could at that moment," making mention to a certain Aussie country star whose music helped her through a tough time. "The first time I heard Keith Urban's 'You'll Think of Me,' and how I cried in my room really close to the stereo and listened to it on repeat ... I'll never forget that for the rest of my life, and I think that's one of the most amazing parts about what we have the honor to do."

Lady Antebellum's equally powerful new album, 'Own the Night,' is on shelves now.

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