When Lady Antebellum was asked to write a song for Nicholas Sparks' 'The Best of Me,' they gave a wholehearted yes and penned the 'I Did With You' lyrics. The trio explain what was going through their minds as they wrote the sweet and romantic track, and what their songwriting process was like.

"To be able to write for one specific thing and to put ourselves into the story, because we really try to write from our own personal experience, was really cool," Scott tells People. "It's a really special, sweet story."

Lady A wrote the track with Monty Powell, who has written songs for Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, Billy Ray Cyrus and others, as well as the trio's 'Stars Tonight' and 'If I Knew Then.'

Bandmate Dave Haywood adds, "Putting it together was a new experience. They sent us the script to the entire movie pretty much. We've never really had that much of a story sent to us. It was fun to follow different scenes of the movie and put that in the song. It was such a cool opportunity."

The song, derived from the ultra-romantic plot of the film, hit home for all of Lady A. Essentially, 'The Best of Me' focuses on soulmates: Two high school sweethearts (played by James Marsden and Michelle Monaghan) reunite after 21 years apart when they return to visit their hometown. And, like the best love, their passion remains strong, even after decades.

"The song is about when you know that someone is the one -- you know," says Charles Kelley of the 'I Did With You' lyrics.

"Whenever you find your soul mate, there are parts of them that you wish you could have as well and the two of you bring out the best in one another," Scott adds.

With lyrics like, "Love comes in circles / And love takes its own time / Bending and breaking / Not taking a straight line / I never knew another love timeless and true / Oh, but I did, yeah, I did with you," 'I Did With You' is swoon-worthy and captures the never-ending love that takes place when you meet your match.

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