Flowers? Candy? Dinner at her favorite restaurant? Breakfast in bed? The whole family cleaning the entire house from top to bottom? Mom doesn't need those fleeting things when she has a son who can sing her a song parody, as Lady Antebellum did for Mother's Day.

Charles Kelley and crew retooled Jerrod Niemann's 'Lover Lover' into this hilarious little paean to Mother's Day and to celebrate all the moms in the world. He admitted that despite being a grown up, sometimes, you just want to be treated like a little boy, when mom brought you PB&J with the crusts cut off and you could wash it down while watching your favorite cartoons.

This is one Mother's Day gift that will last and last and last. Send it to your mom for a little post-Mother's Day pick me up! Extra points go to Kelley for reading the lyrics off a SmartPhone while singing.

Watch Lady Antebellum Sing 'Mother, Mother' to the Tune of 'Lover, Lover'