Lady Antebellum planted a big ol' smooch on the 'Today' show audience by performing their new single 'Just a Kiss' on the news show this morning. That's what we call a wake up call!

The band talked about performing the National Anthem at the NFL Sunday night kick-off/September 11 anniversary tribute in New York this past weekend. "Luckily, they let us rehearse it in the full, you know, everything that was going to happen. If we hadn't seen it, I would have been bawling my eyes out. It was so emotional and they did such a good job," singer Hillary Scott said about singing at the commemoration of the tenth anniversary of 9/11, which is probably the most emotional "gig" the band has ever engaged in.

The band also talked about having 50 songs written and available for their new album 'Own the Night,' which is the complete and total opposite of writer's block. "Half of them were horrible," Charles Kelley joked about how the trio was able to choose from the abundance of songs.

The threesome then engaged in a super pretty rendition of 'Just a Kiss,' which sounded flawless and warm. The chemistry between Scott and Kelley as vocalists is even better than ever. 'Own the Night' is out in stores now.

Watch Lady Antebellum Perform 'Just a Kiss' on the 'Today' Show