Lady Antebellum have experienced lots of changes since their genesis in 2006. Two years after their start, they released their eponymous record. Then they were off, winning Grammys, receiving high accolades, getting married and even having kids. As they come to a new point in their career and personal lives, the trio talk about the inevitable shift in mindset that takes place.

All three of the band members were single at the start of their career, and now they're all married, and two of them -- Hillary Scott and Dave Haywood -- have kids in tow. Haywood's son was born at the beginning of September, and the transition has changed the group's touring mojo, too.

The guys' living area on the tour bus has turned into a nursery, and Haywood's wife will be joining them on the road more often. "My guess is that she comes out twice as much as she does now, but not all the time," the Lady A hitmaker says, adding of his son, "I don't want to miss stuff when he's going through these stages."

While the group was adjusting to these changes, particularly the new babies, they experienced a lull in their career. And when they began working on their just-released album '747,' they knew they needed a spark.

"It's going from the new-kids-on-the-block darlings where everywhere you turn is another award to we're all married and we've got kids," Kelley explains. "Your focus kind of shifts a little bit and it should. You've got to find the balance with life, but this business is tough and you can't lay off the throttle too much."

They did lay off the throttle as they transitioned into this new season of life as parents and highly acclaimed country stars, and now they're more dedicated than ever -- to their families and to the band. For Scott, that means trading pre-show drinks for diaper changes, and she admits it can be a lot to juggle.

"Before Eisele, the pre-show ritual was a cocktail. Now I’m changing a diaper and then walking on stage. Or giving her a bath or putting her to bed, which is really precious time honestly, and then getting on stage,” she relates. “It’s different. Life is really different.”

The trio have rededicated themselves to their music and amped up their sound in a whole new way. And although their late-night celebrations may be exchanged for late-night feedings for a while, country fans can rest assured that Lady A are back in action!

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