Country trio Lady Antebellum were honored with the task of performing the National Anthem at Sunday night's football game between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Jets. The game was part of the NFL's commemoration of and tribute to the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. The game took place at the new Meadowlands stadium, which is located about 10 miles from New York City and is a stone's throw from the site of the World Trade Center attacks.

Lady Antebellum performed a beautiful, respectful, error-free and emotional a capella version of 'The Star-Spangled Banner.' Many artists often flub the lyrics to the song, especially in high pressure situations and occasions as important as this one, but Lady A were spot on and flawless from start to finish. The cameras panned to the flag-covered field, through the massive crowd and along the sidelines during the band's rendition of the song. The cameras also focused on an array of faces, ranging from American citizens to civil servants like firefighters and police officers, as well as the players. It was a somber, resonant and emotional moment as the group's voices soared.

You catch a glimpse of the band at the end of the song. They should be proud of themselves for how they handled such a weighty task.

Watch Lady Antebellum Perform The National Anthem