Emily Shackelton’s piano playing pins down a recent Song Suffragettes cover of Lady Antebellum’s hit song “Need You Now.” The country newcomer joins the rest of the group to sing the second verse of the historic hit as well, making an already dark love song even darker.

Perhaps it’s Courtney Drummey’s bridge that really takes this familiar arrangement to a unique place, however. Kalie Shorr begins the song, before passing the lyric to Taylor Faith. Kasey Tyndall also takes a chorus during the song, recorded during a recent Song Suffragettes show at the Listening Room in Nashville. The key to a great cover song is putting a unique spin on something personal and familiar, and these five artists have done it.

Every #LetTheGirlsPlay show at the Listening Room features three original songs from each of the five performers, and one all-call cover. It’s been a mix of current and classic country songs, pop hits and the occasional rocker. The packed crowed really appreciated being there for this Monday night performance. Watch for yourself to find out why.

The #LetTheGirlsPlay movement started in response to the struggles female artists were having getting heard in country music. Taste of Country started profiling one artist per month in May of 2015. April's artist will be revealed this week, and a new cover video is released on Sundays.

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