Lady Antebellum will serve as the musical guest on tomorrow's night's episode of 'SNL,' with exuberant 'Mike and Molly' star (and recent Emmy winner) Melissa McCarthy holding court as the host. NBC released a hilarious promo spot of the episode, with McCarthy surrounded by the members of Lady A and 'SNL' cast member Kristen Wiig.

McCarthy is unable to contain her excitement and shouts, in a high-pitched voice, that she is hosting 'SNL' with Lady Antebellum on the docket to perform. Wiig tells her she doesn't need to shout since they have a mic, which doesn't cause her to quiet down. The band stands there, silent and accepting of her joy.

In fact, the members of Lady A never say a word, even during the second part of the spot, where a much quieter McCarthy announces she is hosting and they're performing! Wiig asks her what her favorite part of hosting is, and she says "his face" as she turns around and points to Lady A's Dave Haywood. Melissa McCarthy is crushin'.

Tune in to NBC tomorrow night to watch Lady Antebellum perform on 'SNL.'

Watch the Lady Antebellum 'SNL' Promo Spot