Romantic sparks fly freely in Lady Antebellum's 'We Owned the Night' video. The clip centers on a few young, cuddly and seemingly in love couples. Of course, those plot scenes are spliced with footage of Hillary Scott and her bandmates performing amidst all that amore.

One of the young couples is utterly adorable as the two snuggle under a blanket. We then see this super cute couple head to nab some fireworks at a store. Another couple is sitting on a swing and smooching.

Then we cut to Lady A performing in the middle of a crowd of young and in love couples, as fireworks burst in the night sky. Everyone is having a great time, since live music, reciprocated passion and sparks in the dark are all essential to the recipe for a good time. It makes us wish that summer would never, ever end!

If this is what it's like to own the night, sign us up. We want to possess the night, too.

The video plays with the idea of the memory of the sparks that fly when you kiss someone for the first time or experience a taste of love in your formative years.

Watch the Lady Antebellum 'We Owned the Night' Video