The 2011 Grammy nominations concert was a night of pairings: Jason Aldean with Ludacris, Usher with Valerie Simpson and Lady Gaga with Sugarland. And though the Sugarland/Gaga combo was a show-ender, it wasn't necessarily a show-stopper. While Jennifer Nettles' voice blended nicely with the exotic pop queen on the latter's song 'You and I,' the stage still felt a bit divided.

Gaga occupied the left portion, clad in a black dress with a giant bow, a Marilyn Monroe-like wig, white face paint and giant black circles still around her eyes from her opening song performance. To the right of Gaga's geometric piano were Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush in their regular attire, wielding their acoustic and electric guitars, respectively. Nettles' blonde hair and black attire suitably juxtaposed Lady Gaga's habitually outlandish garb.

Nettles and Gaga played back and forth with the lead vocal while hundreds of tiny spotlights pointed in every direction around them. In the middle, Gaga shouted to the audience, "C'mon, put your drinks up!" and got the crowd engaged in the performance.

Unlike the Aldean/Ludacris duet, however, this match up seemed more like a comparison of two genres rather than a natural blending. Still, the vocals did play nicely, and in the end both acts seemed equally honored to have collaborated with the other. As the music tapered off and the crowd's cheering swelled, Nettles could be heard above the noise praising the other, offering, "Congratulations, Lady Gaga!"

Watch Lady Gaga and Sugarland Peform 'You and I'