Laura Bell Bundy has unleashed a new video in her Youtube series, 'Cooter County.' Cooter County is a fictitious town where all of Bundy's wacky made-up characters reside. Some of her characters include seven-year-old Claudia Cooter, trumpet-wielding Justice Goode, and Shocantelle Brown, who lives in a Holiday Inn Express.

In the newest video from Cooter County called 'Nativity Idol,' the Holy Cross Church is holding auditions for a nativity play. All of Bundy's characters come out to audition with hopes of snagging a role in the nativity performance. Claudia Cooter does a "moving" rendition of 'Old McDonald Had a Farm,' while Justice Goode performs a sassy version of 'Jingle Bells' on her trumpet.

Bundy's newest installment to the Cooter Country series includes guest appearances from Steel Magnolia, the MuzikMafia's Two Foot Fred and Dierks Bentley. Watch Jones as he performs salsa dancing as Luiz Navidad, or check out Two Foot Fred's speech about his acting versatility. You can also see Bentley's acting talent shine through, as he portrays Jerks Gentley, a member of a competitive canine-human dance brigade.

Cooter County's 'Nativity Idol' is just one of several videos created by Laura Bell Bundy. Click here to check out more hilarious videos from Cooter County and get to know all of Bundy's crazy alter-egos.

Watch the Laura Bell Bundy 'Nativity Idol' Video