Lauren Alaina was more or less shot down when she asked her country crush Hunter Hayes to prom, but that doesn't mean she has to go stag. Newcomer duo Kingston -- formerly the Carter Twins -- say they would both be thrilled to go to the 'American Idol' runner-up's big high school dance.

The pair sent Alaina a Twitter invite, which included a series of question marks and the above photo of them holding a sign that reads, "PROM?" That was followed by a sweet compliment to seal the deal. "you know, we’d love to be your prom dates….two for one special!!!!" they tweeted later.

Alaina, on the rebound and flattered by the request, accepted. "it's a deal(;" she said, adding, "I can wear a multi-colored dress. So one of you can wear one color and the other can wear another! That work?" All three parties agreed to the deal, but before Alaina can take Kingston to prom, they've got to work out one insignificant detail: meeting for the first time ever!

"I feel like we should meet first! Anything coming up that I should know about and come to? Haha," Alaina asked the twins. They responded eagerly, "We should definitely hang! You gonna be in Nashville anytime soon? : )"

Sounds like a love connection to us! We can't wait to see what sort of multicolor concoction Alaina pulls out for the big event. And hey, so what about Hunter Hayes -- two dates are better than one, anyway!