If America picked its 'American Idol' winner like judges pick contestants on NBC's 'The Voice,' Lauren Alaina just may have won the fame and fortune that went to Scotty McCreery this year. Her Walmart exclusive 'American Idol Season 10 Highlights' album shows a singer who's much more comfortable in a recording studio than under the prying eyes of American television viewers.

The nervousness was cute, but it's likely that it cost her a few votes, especially in comparison to McCreery's easygoing swagger. Of the five songs on 'Highlights,' the Carrie Underwood cover 'Flat on the Floor' is her strongest. She sounds like the older country singer, but doesn't sound like she's trying to sound like her idol.

'Wild One' is another decent cover, but Alaina doesn't do much to make the song her own. The single 'Like My Mother Does' is still a powerful, emotional performance that clearly comes from a special place in the teenaged singer's heart. Her delivery is honest and unwavering. It's unlikely you've grown tired of the song yet, as radio hasn't picked it up as quickly as McCreery's 'I Love You This Big.' Another listen may do good to remind you that these kids aren't just wannabes.

The remaining two are 'The Clim,' and 'I'm The Only One.' These are the fourth and fifth best songs on the five-song EP. The latter sounds much too big for Alaina -- she is almost drowning in the vocal and the noisy production -- and the Miley Cyrus cover is a passable performance of a song that she probably shouldn't have chosen in the first place. There's enough here to leave one curious about her debut album, when it's released later this year.

Watch Lauren Alaina Sing 'Like My Mother Does'