The American Idols Live Tour has headed to the Philippines, with concerts slated for September 20 and 21. While on the global trek, our gal Lauren Alaina showed what a brave, brave soul she is. Alaina was open-minded (and open-paletted) as she tried balut, which is duck fetus, for the first time. It's considered  quite the snack in the region. When in the Philippines, do as the Filipinos do, right?

While there is a lengthy video full of footage from the Idols' visit to the Philippines, Alaina offers a particularly memorable facial expression when trying balot. The look on her face serves to speak a universal language that does not require an interpreter. Balut is a fertilized duck embryo that is boiled alive and eaten in the shell, and Alaina's squeamish expression says it all.

However, Alaina tosses back the duck fetus from its shell like a shot, and for a moment, it looks as though she is going to toss her cookies as a result. She then proceeds to consume the rest of it. Alaina wasn't the only brave one to try this delicacy. Her tourmates Paul McDonald and Thia Megia also feasted on this cuisine, which is considered a high protein snack and is sold by street vendors. Alaina and McDonald even toasted beforehand, clinking their shells together.

Afterward, Alaina said, "It tasted OK ... it's just the thought of it."

Watch Lauren Alain Try Balut