Lauren Alaina has had to cancel her American Idols Live Tour performance tonight in Baltimore, Md. due to a bronchitis diagnosis. Life on the road is tough on a singer. Germs are everywhere, courtesy of all the handshaking and changing location on a daily basis. With interviews, meet and greets and hectic scheduling, taking care of oneself can take a backseat, so we're not surprised that Alaina has fallen ill and has to miss a show.We're sure all the Baltimore fans of 'American Idol' will be bummed that they won't catch Alaina in action, but with the strength of her single 'Like My Mother Does' and the excitement about her forthcoming debut, it's safe to say that Alaina will be back sooner than later!

Alaina revealed that she was canceling her performance via a tweet which read, "I'm not feeling good & had to leave the arena to go to the doctor & I just found out my video is over 100000 views. Makes me feel better." 100,000 video views is the best medicine there is, huh?

Alaina posted a second tweet with a sad face emoticon, which read as follows: "Hey y'all ! I just left the doctor and I have severe bronchitis. Therefore I'm not gonna be performing tonight. I'm really sorry."

Taste of Country hopes that Lauren Alaina gets better soon. There's no word on whether she will appear on 'Good Morning America' alongside her 'Idol' co-stars tomorrow morning as scheduled. Hopefully, taking a night off will help to stave off her illness and prevent her from missing further performances.