Lauren Alaina remembers a lot of fun things about her childhood, but her favorite memories have always been the annual family vacations to Daytona Beach, Fla. This year, because of her newfound fame and her hectic tour schedule, the 'Like My Mother Does' singer couldn't make the family trip on time -- and says she cried the whole week.

"Actually, I missed the family vacation this year because I was on tour ... When I found out that I couldn't go the same week we usually go, I was heartbroken. I cried the whole week. When something means so much to you, you miss it," Alaina admits to FOX News, adding that she did get to go to the beach after all, as soon as her tour wrapped. She adds, "It's hard, but we still got to go. I made sure of it, and it was just as good as the other ones."

Being that she's only 16, quality family time is still essential for the 'American Idol' runner-up, and Daytona Beach is a special place in the singer's heart. "Since my mom was pregnant with me, we've been doing to Daytona Beach. We've been going there every year around the first of July. It's just really cool that we have this traditional family vacation," Alaina says. "We always go to the same place. It's a family at this place that we stay at, we know the people that stay there that weekend. It's just a really relaxed place to stay at. The beach is really pretty."

Ironically, Alaina's celebrity status played in her favor when she finally made it down to Florida in 2011. The Georgia native says that she's wanted to take a ride on the slingshot on the boardwalk since she was little, but that until now, her family hasn't been able to afford it. "It's kind of expensive and [I] was never able to ride it, but this year I rode it like six times with my best friend Marie and with my mom," Alaina gushes. "My dad and brother rode it together and it was awesome."

The young hitmaker insists that Daytona Beach is the ideal vacation spot for families because in addition to the rides and coastline, there are plenty of great restaurants and fun things to do. Should you consider hitting the beach next summer, Alaina says there are a few things you'll need to pack: "Tanning lotion. You need your family there. That's the place to go to hang out with your family ... and 'Wildflower' to listen to."