A new Lauren Alaina song has been leaked. Well, mjsbigblog is reporting it's a song the 'American Idol' runner-up will record (or has recorded), but right now there's only video of one of the songwriters performing it available. The title 'Georgia Peaches' is a perfect fit for the Rossville, Ga. born singer.

'Georgia Peaches' was written by Mallory Hope, Blair Daly and Rachel Proctor. Fans were tipped that Alaina would be recording the song when Proctor recently tweeted, "@Lauren_Alaina your video is beautiful. Can’t wait to hear you sing Georgia Peaches." Hope sings the song in the video below. The way she introduces it lends one to believe it was being considered for her debut album at one time. She charted with two songs in 2009 and 2010, including 'Love Lives On.'

There's speculation that Alaina's album will be available in early October, but neither the singer nor her record label have released official details about the launch week. This week, Alaina released the video for her debut single, 'Like My Mother Does.'

'Georgia Peaches' is a fun and flirty song about girls born in the peach state. Hope's chorus goes, "Our shorts are a little shorter because the sun's a little hotter / Sipping lemonade while we're playing in the water / Ohh ain't nothing sweeter than Georgia peaches / Ohh there's a reason why the boys pick the Georgia peaches."

Watch Mallory Hope Sing 'Georgia Peaches'