When Lauren Alaina performed her spunky single 'Georgia Peaches' for Yahoo's Ram Country, the singer retreated to the hills above Los Angeles. But if she didn't tell us her location, we'd have assumed she was hanging in the back roads of her native Georgia. The L.A. hills doubled nicely as dirt roads down south and certainly fit a country music performance such as this one.

Alaina's backing band dug their feet into the earth to perform the song, while Alaina stood in front of them, rocking out and singing about the virtues of Georgia gals. While Alaina has performed the song repeatedly on TV to promote 'Wildflower,' this is the most down home and dirty we've seen her get. It's refreshing to see her scuff away some of her signature polish.

She looked adorable in a bright red shirt and printed skirt. Those thigh-high boots look like they walked off a runway, so Alaina isn't all small town girl. She dressed big city but retained that homegrown heart. That balance is likely why the American public fell in love with her during her 'American Idol' run.

Stick around for the entire performance for the sassy little hair flip Alaina gives at the end.

Watch Lauren Alaina Perform 'Georgia Peaches'