Lauren Alaina's first-ever music video is for her debut single, 'Like My Mother Does,' and it features home video projections and photographic images from the 'American Idol' runner-up's life and times. While we love watching the singer thumb through photos that made up the memories of her life, we're psyched that Alaina is letting fans have a sneak peek of the behind-the-scenes action on the set of the video, which was located at a house that doubled as Alaina's childhood home.

Director Shaun Silva makes a few interesting points about working with the blond beauty, saying that when he works with an artist on their first video, he never knows what to expect or how they will react to the camera and to having the crew in their face. But it turns out that Lauren Alaina was a consummate professional who behaved like a seasoned veteran.

"It was so hot in that house," the singer jokes about the location. "And there were 40 people in that kitchen so they brought a fan in," she recounts about the scene where she sings in the kitchen. Alaina liked performing in the kitchen and felt the setting worked for the overall theme of the video, which was a composite of her life through photos and videos.

Silva says that he poured through 12 hours of home movies provided by the singer and her mother, so he felt like he got to know them on a personal level via the images. He also proclaims that the camera loves Alaina and that she blossoms naturally in front of it. "When she sings, she comes alive and is very
emotional, since she sings with so much connection. She lights up," he says.

It wasn't all serious, heavy emotion on the set or during the shoot, though. In the scene were Alaina is seated on the front porch railing while singing, she reveals with a laugh, "I am the clumsiest person in the world, so there was a guy in the bushes below me in case I decided to fall."

Watch the Lauren Alaina 'Like My Mother Does' Behind-the-Scenes Video