Lauren Alaina's country music debut, 'Like My Mother Does,' is a song penned by three of Nashville's most sought after and respected songwriters: Liz Rose, Nathan Chapman and Nicki Williams.

"We wrote it with and for Nicki Williams," Rose tells Taste of Country of the song's lyrics. "Nathan Chapman is not only a brilliant producer, but he is an incredible songwriter. We were writing with Nicki, and he said, 'I have this great idea ... Nicki, let's write a song about you and your mother, because you are so close, called 'Like My Mother Does.'' Nicki was like, 'I don't know.' We started playing with it. We know Nicki so well that it was really fun to write their relationship."

"When I love / I give it all I got / Like my mother does / When I’m scared / I bow my head and pray / Like my mother does / When I feel weak and unpretty / I know I’m beautiful and strong / Because I see myself / Like my Mother does," they wrote in the song's chorus.

"Sometimes, especially when you write a song with an artist, it just never goes or does anything because you're writing it for the artist or with them," notes Rose. "This song has just touched a lot of female artists. Kristy Lee Cook cut it first, and while she cut it, Jesse Lee cut it. Nathan was producing Jesse Lee. Then it made its way to 'American Idol,' and it fit Lauren."

"I never met a stranger / I can talk to anyone / Like my mother does / I let my temper fly / And she can walk away / When she’s had enough / She sees everybody for who they really are / I’m so thankful for her guidance / She helped me get this far," she sings in the lyrics of the second verse.

"It's so awesome to have a song that deserves to be heard and touches a lot of people, and sometimes it just takes a while," says Rose. "Lauren just nailed it. It's beautiful. I couldn't be happier than to stand in my living room and cry when I heard her singing it on 'American Idol' [laughs]! It was cool! Nathan and I Skyped that night, [saying]'Woohoo!' It's fun!"