Lauren Alaina tweeted what seemed to be somewhat of a distorted picture of herself today, sporting a much shorter and punkier blonde 'do. She asked fans and followers: "Like my hair cut?!"

At first, we were a little shocked, since the cut is so drastically different from her signature two-tone locks that fall down her back. The picture showed an edgy look for Alaina, and one we definitely were not expecting. We couldn't believe she had lobbed off her lush locks and opted for such a jarring makeover.

Well, it turns out she didn't!

Alaina was pulling our leg, since the photo of the short-haired female isn't even her. She posted a follow-up tweet, writing: "Just kiddin that's Kelly osbourne. It looks just like me. Here's the whole picture. Haha doesn't it look like me."

It sure does. She certainly had us fooled. Lauren Alaina and Kelly Osbourne could pass for sisters, judging from the look of the photo Lauren tweeted. We didn't doubt it was her. It is a cute look, just not one we'd have associated with our country gal Lauren Alaina.

Good one, Lauren! You pulled one over on us for a hot second.