'American Idol' contestant Lauren Alaina admits she didn't enjoy the 'American Idol' experience as much as she could have. Her time on the reality show went by so quickly, and the then 16-year-old was so consumed with critiquing her every movement that she failed to realize what was happening.

"When I was on the show, it was all happening so fast that I didn't even realize that my dreams were coming true over night," the singer says during the interview portion of her Walmart Soundcheck performance, where fans can watch the over nine-minute clip after watching her sing six songs from her 'Wildflower' album. "Thank goodness Mom took pictures."

In the clip, the singer discusses her first two singles and the album's title, which derives from her song 'She's a Wildflower.' The song -- about a teenage girl figuring out who she is -- was a perfect match for Alaina. "I had to do it on national television in front of 30 million people," she says with eyebrows raised, adding that it was very stressful.

Fans of the Georgia born singer will enjoy this further glimpse of her spitfire personality. Toward the end, she talks about how much she appreciates her fans and how she didn't understand how young girls could shed tears when they met her. Then she recalls doing the same thing when she saw Carrie Underwood for the first time.