Lauren Alaina won't ever forget her roots. Even with her status as the 'American Idol' Season 10 runner-up and her massive post-'Idol' success thanks to her debut album 'Wildflower,' the 'Georgia Peaches' singer returned to her former job slinging pizza at CiCi's Pizza in Fort Oglethorpe, Ga.

But only for a few hours! According to Rome-News Tribune, the singer headed back to the pizza parlor on Monday (Jan. 30) to tape an episode of 'Day Jobs,' the Great American Country show that looks at what country artists did to pay the bills and make ends meet before they were famous.

Alaina didn't just take cameras to her former place of employment for a tour and some footage -- she went behind the counter to show her skills as a pizza slinger for several hours. "She worked at this very CiCi’s after school, so she’s coming back to work for the day as part of the show." said producer Sarah Brock. "This is the second season, and these new shows start airing mid-April through May."

Added marketing VP Scott Durand, "We shoot the gamut of all artists — established artists, new artists and people who are in between — but anyone who has an interesting story, because that’s what it’s really all about. Our viewers want to know more about the artists, more about the things they’ve done before they were famous. They’re just like you and I.”

The exact air date of Alaina's episode hasn't been determined, but the 'Day Jobs' producer did say it will be broadcast sometime between April and May.

Two slices, a large Coke and one 'Day Jobs' episode featuring Lauren Alaina? Coming right up!